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3 Simple Life Hacks

Take a few Tic Tacs out. Get an X-Acto knife. Cut the label on the Tic Tac box connected to the lid. Remove the lid. Empty the Tic Tac container. Take a piece of paper. Place the Tic Tac container in the corner of the paper. Outline the container. Cut along your outline with scissors. Draw a grid on the piece of paper. Color a few of the Tic Tacs

20 Healthy Food Swaps | Easy Food Life Hacks (partial transcript of below video)

Hey, health nuts! It’s Nikole from HealthNut Nutrition and today I’m gonna show you guys how to rock your New Year’s resolutions with 20 healthy food swaps. These are super easy and tasty things that you can do to make small changes to your plate to feel more energized and alive for the new year. And in today’s video, I’m so thrilled to be working with Walmart and Interac for