8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

The dollar store is a great way to save money and pull off some amazing life hacks So check those couch cushions for spare change and let’s get thrifty You may not have access to a full sized grill but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cookouts All you need is a deep roaster pan or two if you want to use one as a lid and also a two pack of cooling racks and some charcoal Go ahead and place the pan on stone, cement, or if you’re limited on space, just use one of the cooling racks to avoid heat damage add coal and light it up Now add a cooling rack to the top and let the coals heat up While it might not be the prettiest grill or easiest thing to cook with it’ll get the job done for most simple cookouts and it’s ideal for apartment living, tailgating, picnics, and a whole lot more You can pick up an eight pack of shower caps for a dollar and use them in place of plastic wrap This’ll keep flies off your food during a picnic or you can also place it on odd shaped food containers The best part is they’re flexible and resuable Dress up any shelf or table with this decorative center piece that doubles as a nightlight Pick up some LED candles, drinking jars with lids, and get creative with various accessories like coasters, stickers, or even flowers If you just want basic nightlights, place an LED candle on each lid and fasten the jar on upside down and call it a day or night To create an illuminating centerpiece, simply place jars upright on coasters, fasten the lids, and insert flowers into the strawholes Express yourself with a little extra flare by adding stickers You can easily remove the lids to access the LED lights and turn them on and off before placing them back to your desired location Not bad for just a few bucks For literally pennies on the dollar, you can make your own eco-friendly drier sheets that can be used time and time again Each six pack of heavy duty reusable wipes can be cut into roughly ftfty single drier sheets that’ll fit inside a resealable container Pour a capful of fabric softener into another container and then mix in a capful of water Add the sheets and let them absorb the mixture and then add one more capful of fabric softener and water After you work the liquid into the sheets as evenly as possible, lay them out to dry or on clean towels for several hours before placing them in a securely closed container To use ’em, simply remove a sheet or two from the container and toss ’em right in the drier When the clothes are dry, simply retain the sheets for later use Once you’ve gone through your container of sheets, repeat the mixing process again For just a few bucks, you can turn twelve loads of fabric softener into one hundred and fifty drier sheets You can also turn kitchen sponges into cheap, reusable ice packs in just a few basic steps Start by soaking a sponge in water and place it into a resealable sandwich bag Try to get as much air out of the bag as humanly possible before sealing it shut Place the bag and its contents inside a second bag to contain any leakage Place that bag in the freezer for at least an hour An alternative method that’s ideal for bumps and bruises is to simply add rubbing alcohol or dishsoap to the wet sponge This’ll make a gel-like consistency that’ll mold to your body and retain a cool temperature for much longer Repurpose plastic dispensers with lids by lining the inside with a grocery bag and then placing it in your car Now you’ll have no excuse but to keep your vehicle nice and clean with your handy new trash receptacle You can even add velcro or adhesive to prevent it from sliding around as you drive around Whip up your own body cream with lotion and petroleum jelly You can use any lotion or petroleum jelly but we recommend Vitamin E shea butter and creamy cocoa butter to leave your skin seriously moisturized We added twenty drops of essential oils for a nice, calming scent Use a whisk to blend all the ingredients together in a container for just a minute or two After quite a bit or stirring, you’ll end up with a frosting-like consistency And go ahead and feel free to test this out before sealing it up While this game certainly goes by many names and comes in many shapes and sizes the premise is simple Get yourself some cups and a few balls Place cups on each side and arrange them in a triangle formation Fill the cups up with the liquid of your choice including an extra wash cup on each side Now, get playing We won’t go into the rules here, but the goal is to eliminate all of you opponent’s cups before they eliminate yours This particular family-friendly version is great for all ages and a great game for summer parties The winner has to share this video Thank you all so much for watching Remember, we love hearing from you! Post your own dollar store life hacks in the comments You can also click that subscribe button for more tips and tricks just like this each week